Kids & Chiropractic Care

First off, virtually 80% or more of the kids in our practice are there because of injury or damage to the cranium or spinal column from in-utero constraint or traumatic birth injury that was never addressed and corrected. A few examples of research have shown that the first subluxation occurs either during the birth process or even before. This means these kids are starting off with compromised nervous and immune systems.
Subluxation simply put is when the vertebral joints lose proper positioning and alignment, which then leads to abnormal motion and movement… these two factors then lead to an alteration in the sensory firing pattern into the spinal cord and into the CNS/brain. Basically, the loss of positioning and movement leads to a loss of regular mechanorecption and proprioception (position sense), and increases nociception (stress).
This subluxation is often caused simply by the positioning required for even normal, natural deliveries… and is greatly magnified in its effect from breech positioning, long labor, suction/vacuum extraction, forceps, and Cesearean deliveries. All of these situations put an excessive amount of physical force on the head, neck, and spine and lead to subluxation (by altering structure and movement)… that in turn causes a negative neurological cascade of dysafferentation, dysautonomia, and dysponesis.
This subluxation complex also causes imbalances in the muscles of the upper neck and surrounding tissues, greatly affecting the function and movement of the eustachian tubes, sinuses, adenoids, etc. Basically, not only does it alter nerve function, it alters the flow of lymph, mucus, and other fluids in and “out of” the head, ear, nose and throat-type structures. This fluid is then allowed to “sit” for too long in these areas, thus harboring opportunistic pathogens that can then take hold and replicate… then in turn causing infection, inflammation, and irritation. It is not that the eustachian tubes are horizontal at that age… that does not “help” the situation, but it is not the primary cause of ear infections at all.
These children are then continually challenged when the antibiotic prescribed for the ear infection, eliminates and lessens the beneficial bacteria of the gut and colon, thus causing dysregulation of the immune system and leaving them susceptible to recurrent infection. Not only does this affect their immune system, but also their digestive system as well. Now they cannot process and eliminate food stuffs and toxins near as well, and this leads to a further “spilling over” effect of these into the bloodstream… which causes further immune reaction and inflammation and can begin the autoimmune cascade that may be linked to things such as allergies, asthma, eczema, and even ADHD later in life.
What is more, the upper cervical subluxation greatly effects the neurological control of the central nervous system, especially brainstem and other centers that are important for neurological “info relay” and autonomic control of tissues, organs, and glands. The subluxation, along with other factors, leaves their autonomic system in a highly sustained fight/flight state which is associated with lowered immunity, hyperactivity, anxiety, social challenges, decreased GI function (reflux, dyspepsia, constipation), and more.
So, as you can see, chiropractic can help with a variety of things, especially ear infections and ADHD. I feel that pediatric chiropractic is a highly under-utilized health care choice that should be made more available to parents, especially those looking for non-drug options that are safe and effective.
I hope this helps in your understanding of how chiropractic can help you and your children!